Dedicated Internet


ARGAN Business Park is the only office complex in Kuwait to offer free Internet to its tenants. In addition to being free, the Internet service provided is DIA (Direct Internet Access), which is very different from the standard broadband offered as the norm by other office buildings.

DIA is truly built for business, backed up by enforceable Service Level Agreements between ARGAN Business Park and its partner ISP. This means downtime, quick technical response and support, and assured account management is passed on to our community, so they can continue to work at the speed they need.

Internet speeds can be affected during heavy load times, degrading the speed for all. However, with DIA, the ARGAN Business Park community is secured in that:

  • Symmetrical bandwidth ensures both identical upload and download speeds to the park; no more faster upload than download!
  • No more shared network, meaning no matter what time of day, the Internet is always the “dedicated” speed for ARGAN Business Park
  • Reliability. With DIA, there is a much lower possibility of having poor performance, such as through packet loss or jitter.

ARGAN Business Park offers this service exclusively to its tenants, free of charge, at a dedicated speed of 500 Mbps for the complex.

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