Free Trade Zone Benefits

Free Trade Zone Benefits

License Types

The Kuwait Free Trade Zone activities are under the governance of the Public Authority of Industry (PAI). Based on the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry, these main license types are achievable in the KFTZ as well as a chance for alteration:

  • Commercial activities: dealing with commercial activities as well as imports and exports
  • Industrial License
  • F&B: cafes, restaurants, as well as food markets./li>
  • Financial services
  • Logistic services
  • Computer and general repair services
  • Environmentally-friendly small industrial activities
  • Design services
  • Marketing and Public relations agencies
  • Short-term business accommodations
  • Travel and Tourism agencies
  • Storage and Distribution services
  • Postal and delivery activities
  • General activities: which include telecommunications, printing services, etc)
  • Governmental activities
  • Engineering Studies
  • Economic Services
  • Showroom for products produced in KFTZ

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